Terms and Conditions

NTG Logistics B.V.  is a member of the Dutch Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association and all tasks are carried out in accordance with the general conditions of the Dutch Association of Freight Forwarders (Fenex).

Insofar as need provided otherwise, the most recently filed version of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (Nederlandse Expeditievoorwaarden) lodged by FENEX with the Clerks of the District Courts of Amsterdam (Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem), including the arbitration clause, applies to all our transport services.

The most recently filed version of the Logistics Services Conditions 2014 (Logistieke Services Voorwaarden 2014) lodged by FENEX with the Clerk of the District Court of Rotterdam apply to all contracts that relate solely to the storage of property.

Please check the download section for a copy of these conditions.